Better commute. Better workday.

Stress-free commute drastically increases employee
productivity. That’s why Mizi is the top choice for
forward-thinking organizations.

A whooping 70% increase in productivity on convenience.

Safety? Always.
Peace of mind? Yes.

Safety is at the heart of all Mizi rides. Extra care is taken
to ensure every rider gets to their destination safely.

Mizi rides are 95% safer than regular public transport.

Budget-friendly commute plans

Because riding together is more economic, Mizi helps
you and your employees save better

Up to 20% saved on commuting expenses

Let Mizi manage your
employee’s commute

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safe commute

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Timely pickups
and drop-offs

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Smoother commute

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Improves employee

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Dashboard + insights
on employee commute

+ Other perks for businesses

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More than one way
to enjoy Mizi

For Captains

Promote safer rides with Mizi

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For Commuters

Daily commutes
made easier.

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For Owners

Your vehicle can
earn you more.

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For Drivers

Chart the course.
Drive with Mizi.

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